Ubud Market will be CLOSED until 2023 due to renovation!

The original Ubud Art Market is called by locals “Pasar Seni Ubud” or just “Pasar Ubud”. It is placed in central Ubud (Bali), less than 100m from Ubud Palace (Raya Ubud no.35 Ubud). It was a convenient place to do any kind of shopping.

Ubud Traditional Market was my favorite place for shopping in Ubud. I used to buy everything from regional veggies to my daily clothes. Some people call it Ubud Art Market – and it’s also accurate. You can find here lots of Balinese handicrafts and paintings too.

Ubud Street Market shopping tips

The best time to visit every Markt in Bali depends on your intention. If you wish to find local food, the best way to get the sale of the day is to come early! As I observed, if it’s not dark anymore, somebody already bought the good veggies at the best price 😉

If you are Traveler, Ubud Market is also the best Art Market in Bali. You can find here local crafts like rattan bags or woven baskets.

If you look like a tourist, you can use your bargaining skills – just please remember that local sellers usually don’t try to trick you. They just want to make a good deal for themselves. I recommend always coming with a smile, appreciation, and kindness.

Anyway, in the middle of 2022 everything changed!

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In the place where I used to do the shopping, you can find the largest construction yard in Ubud Gianyar. Instead of art sellers, there are only dust and trucks.

Renovation of Ubud Traditional Market

The market has been renovated since 2022, and it will not reopen until 2023 at the earliest. The renovations are being done to improve the market itself and make it more accessible for vendors and shoppers alike.

Visualization of Ubud Market after the renovation.

The renovation will allow for an increase in shops, vendors, and even some new features like a restaurant or two! If you’re looking forward to seeing these new changes when they’re done, I recommend you visit Ubud before 2023 😉

Where are the sellers when Ubud Traditional Art Market is closed?

They are located nearby on the streets in Ubud. We call it now “Ubud Street Market” 🙂

The street stalls are open every day but they do not have any official opening hours.

If you want to buy regional food – come as early as you can but no later than 8.00 am.

If you want to buy some arts and crafts – after 11.00 am when all sellers are there.

Ubud street market is located around the palace of the old market (also known as Pasar Seni), the main street of Ubud, and Monkey Forest road. Just follow the banner with “Ubud Traditional Art Market” written on it!

What are the alternative Markets and Night Markets?

While the Ubud Market is closed, there are still plenty of things to do in Ubud.

  • Sayan Night Market – Just outside of Ubud town, this night market has everything you could ever want in a market. There are clothes, accessories, food, and even a stage where you can watch traditional Balinese music performances. It’s located on Jalan Raya Sayan (the main road leading into town).
  • Tegallalang Market – This market is located just outside of Ubud town as well and is open from 8 am-6 pm daily. It’s smaller than the one on Jalan Raya Pengosekan but still has great deals on souvenirs and clothing items!
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Market in Tegallalang
Market in Tegallalang – 15 minutes drive from Ubud
  • Ubud Traditional Art Market – Just like the Day Market only for one day instead of three days (and it happens at different times each year), this event allows artists from all over Bali to sell their works directly to customers without having them go through middlemen like hotels or galleries first which cuts prices down significantly due to less overhead costs involved with selling art pieces directly from their studios/homes, etc…

You’ll also notice that they tend to be better quality. They’re handcrafted by locals who really care about what they’re making rather than mass-produced overseas somewhere else.

Opening hours of Ubud Market

The Ubud Market is a great place to buy presents, clothes, and souvenirs as well as food. As such, it’s open from 8 am until around 6 pm during the week and on Sundays. That said, you’ll find that there are fewer people than normal during these times. It’s because the locals tend to shop at night when it’s less crowded.

You can buy anything from handmade jewelry to paintings at this market – but don’t forget that you have plenty of time before your flight home!

See the Ubud markets on the streets and a map to find them.

The Ubud Market is opened place for you to experience the culture of Bali. It’s full of shops and stalls selling traditional handicrafts and souvenirs at affordable prices. There are also many other things to see there, like performances by Balinese dancers or musicians.

If you want to visit the market, you can find it at Jalan Raya Ubud or Jalan Hanoman (Hanoman Street), which is located in Ubud Town. Most importantly though: if you want to visit the markets, remember that they’re closed until 2023!

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The good news is that the Ubud Market, although closed for renovation until 2023, is still open and the sellers are still trading at their usual places. You can find them at Jalan Raya Cok Rai in front of the old market building or along Jalan Hanoman. The other alternative is to go to different markets around Ubud like Batuan Market where you can see many kinds of souvenirs like textiles, traditional clothes, bags (purses), jewelry, etc.

Is shopping on the Ubud Markets safe?

In general - yes. For the last few months, I didn't hear about any incidents regarding markets. Of course, you should be always aware and take care of your belongings but the Ubud area is usually safer than more tourist areas like Kuta or Seminyak.

What is the best time to visit markets in Bali?

If you wish to buy art, clothes, or souvenirs - the best choice is between 11:00 and 18:00. If you are looking for regional food - the earlier the better. Usually, after 8:00 the choice is limited.

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