Mold in Ubud! Is living in a mold-free house possible?

Is mold dangerous for health? How mold cleaning is important when you live in Ubud?

Mold is ubiquitous, playing an important role in the outdoor ecosystem. But should we allow it to thrive inside our homes? This is likely one of the most common issues in Bali (Ubud especially).

We often:

  • become accustomed to it,
  • don’t see it,
  • think there’s not much we can do,
  • breathe in its spores.

This exposes us to the risk of getting sick or developing sensitivity over time. Some people may experience symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, light headaches, and fatigue.

How to fight mold?

inside any interior, in a high-humidity climate, we can see various quantities, shapes, forms, and species of mold.

To create a safe environment in most homes it should be enough to:

  • Maintain humidity at low levels
  • ensure good airflow
  • know where to look for mold, and regularly clean with anti-fungal natural products

We have unfortunately overlooked this issue for so long here in Bali. Even in newly renovated houses, we can find mold contamination in areas such as under mattresses, behind paintings, and behind mirrors.

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Problem with Balinese houses

The lack of moisture barriers in the foundations of most Balinese houses causes the walls to peel at the base. This can lead to water infiltration and leaks causing high levels of mold.

Cleaning is done superficially, focusing only on the surface and missing the places where mold is likely to grow:

  • inside and under furniture,
  • behind the fridge,
  • natural wooden decorative frames,
  • under the sink,
  • limestone tiles,
  • porous tiles,
  • and other hidden places.
Mold in Ubud

Kids running around, our cleaning lady dry-broom sweeping the walls, changing bed linen, disturbs the mold colonies, and releases the spores into the air we breathe.

There is no need to be overly conscious. With awareness and understanding of our environment, adjusting some of our habits, considering different and more thorough cleaning methods from time to time, and using specialized help, we can keep our homes safe and healthy.

Where to seek help with Mold cleaning in Ubud?

Mold Free Home Care is a Bali-based company specializing in mold removal, containment, and deep cleaning using only ecological products. They follow the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) guidelines to help and assist you in making your house mold-free. They approach the task with enthusiasm and passion for cleaning and breathing clean.

What is the mold cleaning process?

1. Inspection & Assessement

Understand the contamination’s nature and complexity, set a price, and schedule the cleaning.

2. Treatment & Cleaning

We apply our natural, eco-friendly, pet and child-safe substances to all affected surfaces, killing mold spores and disinfecting them.

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We also perform a deep cleaning on all surfaces that are prone to developing mold, such as under furniture, bed frames, mattresses, walls, wardrobes, and dressers.

3. Prevention measures

We provide a digital guide with all the information you need to stay mold-free for an extended period.

☎️ Contact – Mold-Free Home Care

If you need help or just want to consult your situation – make a call or WA:

Tel/Whatsapp: +62 821 44061563

Breathe clean!

What is the price for mold cleaning in Ubud?

The price starts from 700k IDR and depends on the time of cleaning. You will receive a specific estimation after the house inspection. The inspection cost is 100k IDR per unit/house.

What symptoms might be caused by living in a house with mold?

Some people may experience symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, light headaches, and fatigue. It is also possible to develop more serious illnesses or become more sensitive over time.

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