Best Day SPA in Ubud for Travelers: the superior non-mainstream idea!

When I looked in Google Maps – I found over 90 SPA salons in Ubud. How to find the one that is the best for Travelers who just come to Ubud?

Maybe I’m picky, but even the “most famous and popular” do not always provide me services that I would expect. Sometimes the therapist had not enough skills and sometimes it was “just” about the vibe in the venue.

One thing to know about Bali: Owners know that reviews are important and find ways to boost them. When you see a “5-star facility” – check the number of reviews first, and check if reviews are up to date and given by foreigners. In general, I don’t recommend visiting places rated below 4.5 😉

Here you can find my best spots regarding the service quality, venue vibe, location, price, and other factors.

Jembawan SPA

  • Authentic Balinese massage
  • Therapists are well-trained and care for your satisfaction.
  • Peaceful atmosphere in the center of Ubud
  • Well-designed venue with private rooms (no curtains!).
  • Massage price starts from 130k.

✅ You can easily make your appointment through WhatsApp:
+6283115619404 (click to open)

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