Heart Space Bali – a new healing space in Ubud

Some people come to Ubud to see the rice fields and the monkeys. But some of us come here to find a way to feel better. Whether we want to feel better in our bodies or in our minds, Ubud is considered a Mekka for it. We have dozens of yoga schools, hundreds of healing spaces and spas, and almost a thousand places to eat. I can say that everyone can find something for themselves… but how? How do we find the one that suits our needs?

There are several places in Ubud where founders have created the space to use the synergy of different healing modalities. One that I recently visited is Heart Space Bali, which is located … in the heart of Ubud.

Amanda Ashleigh, the founder, is a yoga teacher and experienced food quality specialist. She had the opportunity to be mentored by Adolf Brown from The Yoga Barn – one of the best Cranio Sacral Therapy teachers in Bali. After her experience of countless healing processes and hundreds of hours of meditation teacher training, she decided to create a unique place on the map of Ubud.

Heart Space Bali Offerings

  • Balinese healing space with a unique offering
  • Daily Yoga Class
  • Healthy and highest quality food
  • Space for community gatherings
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If you are considering which retreat to choose – contact Amanda. She can advise you and even create a bespoke programme combining retreats, detox and other healing processes.

Healing at Heart Space

The healing modalities here are based on the best experiences gathered in Bali over the last 10 years. The main therapist – Nioman is a Balinese healer from a lineage of priests and healers. He can bring much more than physical healing. Many of the clients come here because they are looking for a change in their lives. When they ask themselves, what is my life all about? Going to a place like this could be a good first step for anyone going through a massive change in their life. Bali is a common destination for people after a divorce or a hard breakup. Any kind of anxiety has roots that are not necessarily so obvious and this kind of healing can reveal them and be a step towards healing.

Healing here also supports conventional medical treatment by giving the body the right environment and the ability to heal itself.

This is a place to come and learn and experience different ways of healing the body, the emotions and the mind.

Most popular treatments:

1. Deep Tissue Massage

2. Craniosacral Balancing

3. Abdominal Healing (⭐️Personal Recommendation)

I decided to try abdominal healing. it was a unique experience. Although I did a lot of healing in the last 2 years. Nioman learned a way to combine it with sound healing. But not the group sound healing you can find in other places! Here – you create the sound when he presses your internal organs. And this vibration supports your healing process. PROTIP: Come with an empty stomach. If you are a woman, also coming when you are on your moon is not recommended.

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Yin Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga is an amazing practice of the fascia. Some people call it the electrical system of the body. It’s like putting oil on the engine so that the body can start to heal itself. The more we practice, the more the body knows how to get back into that state on its own. This practice is also connected to Cranial Sacral Therapy as it deals with the same layers of fascia.

Healthy Restaurant and Cafe

Nourishing the body with good food is very important, and the team at Heart Space have gone through a lot working with a lot of amazing chefs. They work with some of the best vegan and vegetarian chefs in Bali. Whether you are gluten intolerant, grain intolerant or dairy intolerant, Heart Space can cater for people with all different cultural and health needs. Come and visit Heart Space – they have something very beautiful, very natural, very wholesome and very tasty for you.

Heart Space Schedule


11:00 AM – Yin yoga class


11:00 AM – Yin yoga class


11:00 AM – Voice activations class


11:00 AM – Yin yoga class


11:00 AM – Yin yoga class

6:30 PM – Kirtan

Heart Space Bali: location and contact

Nyuh Kuning Rd, MAS, Ubud, Kecamatan Ubud,
Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571

Telephone & WhatsApp:

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday 8 am – 8 pm


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