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Born and grow up in Java, he already know what he want to do for his life. As an artist who has never had formal art education, Hamka has never felt that this was his weakness. Instead, young Hamka chose a journey of art education that was so dynamic through the many people he met in life. Starting his artistic journey early on, Hamka chose Bali as his destination to grow. Learning from the many artists he met, getting to know many of the artists around him, and finally having the opportunity to exhibit here and there — are just a few of Hamka’s life journey as an artist. According to him, art is a feeling that is created through every stroke and colour selection. And he cannot deny, his journey to meet a beautiful characteristic that he has through the use of neon colours is an exploration in itself for him.

Anyone who knows Hamka, would probably say that realism is his trademark. But more than that, Hamka feels that he is able to present realism in an abstract form which he says provides a separate perspective that gives more meaning to realism itself. Through his works, there are many imaginative, cryptic and aspirational things that Hamka wants to convey to the world. Through his works, anyone is allowed to interpret what he wants.

A reminder for us that every moment shall be savoured at the fullest, and yet need to be for every single thing in the universe always have the beginning and the end. The chaos is the transition and the realisation, for we need to be aware, and know that we are imperfect creature where we need to keep learning and leaning – moving forwards until the end comes, leaving it all behind, thus to start all over again.
Chaos is a restart point and moment of realisation. When everything in this universe come in pair. In the light we see the chaos, broken and trying hard to hold one and other. The beauty where everything collide and deconstruct one and another. Yet when the night comes and the dark engulfed what left, tired and mundane we might be. But the spark can only be seen when the light is out, where the new beginning is coming.

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