Top 3 Powerful Conscious Events in Ubud town center. How to connect with the community.

On the first day I came, I felt that I want to find some conscious events in Ubud to connect better with myself and also with like-minded people. I was looking for events in Ubud that includes some kind of meditation, movement, mantras, etc. Here is my favorite set of weekly events that gathers the community and keeps my mind on the right vibe.

Sunday Ecstatic Dance in Yoga Barn – the best of conscious events in Ubud!

Firstly, wherever in the world, I want to find my tribe – finding the community around ecstatic dance always worked for me. It’s way more than a dance party. Sunday Ecstatic Dance in Ubud Yoga Barn is the must-be event for all community members. So, we gather to connect, get out our busy minds, and melt our bodies together in dance. Therefore, you can express yourself through any kind of movement guided by eclectic DJs and live music. Here is no judgment, only plenty of movement and sweat!

  • Price: 130K
  • You can buy a ticket on the spot… but you will stand in a long queue.
    The way better solution is to buy tickets online a few days before the event (usually they sold out around Wednesday)
  • Buy your ticket here
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Sunday Kirtan in Sayuri

Here you can connect again with the Ubud community and by using the ancient practice of getting together and singing from your heart. Connect your emotions with spirit and with one another through music, mantra, the melting of our voices… and the melting of our ‘selves’.

Why do people like kirtan?

  • It elevates them into states of joy, bliss, unconditional love, and deep connection.
  • It helps transcend concepts such as good or bad, right and wrong, or any other limiting and separating beliefs around our vocal expression.
  • Above all, it helps connect with Spirit and one another through the powerful practice.

  • Price: 100K
  • You can buy a ticket on the spot.
  • Everyone is welcome, no experience is needed.

Is there other than Yoga Barn ecstatic dance in Ubud?

Yes. There are several other venues offering ecstatic dance. You can check Alchemy since they launched recently but I didn't check it yet by myself. Yoga barn is definitely the largest ongoing Ubud community gathering.

Do I need to know how to sing to join the kirtan?

Absolutely no. Furthermore, you can learn there. It's an amazing opportunity to practice opening your voice in a safe, supporting container!

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Yoga Barn is my TOP1 place to meet new peopole

It was the first place I came to when I moved to Ubud. And I wasn’t disappointed. They provide the best in Ubud yoga classes in any variation you can imagine. They have great vegetarian food and one of the best ceremonial cacao on the island 🙂

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11 months ago

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