Ubud: Transformative Art Class, best hidden gems for Travellers

Ubud is a perfect destination for Travelers who seek less commercial activities. Some tourists want to try art classes in Ubud like Balinese painting or carving classes. This is a beautiful traditional way of expression. But the thing is during the class they reproduce art made by someone else. So, if you feel like investing your time in your own art – there is one more option!

Puhanayu Ristyono Putri – the artist who is hosting the workshop “Soul Therapy” is a local artist from Indonesia. Therefore, it combines classic painting classes with a healing space. In other words, you can deepen your self-love and get back your inner child by expressing feelings on the canvas.

Why do people love Soul Therapy?

  • Firstly, they enjoy a wonderful healing atmosphere.
  • Secondly, the artist provides QualityArt Materials.
  • Also, On scheduled events, they enhance the process by live Sound Healing.
  • Finally, There is served Cup of SpecialHeart OpeningCacao.

⚠️ LIMITED AVAILABILITY Small group – only 10 places!

✅ You can easily make your appointment through WhatsApp:
+628995625285 (click to open)

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